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Declaring bankruptcy is not the end of the world—or your DEBT.  In fact, reducing your debt and preserving your assets may, in some cases, improve your credit score!

The key to successfully managing debt is working with the right attorney, and formulating a strategy as early in the process as possible. I will assess your individual situation and together we will work to identify your goals and develop a plan that mitigates your debt, puts an end to creditor harassment, protects your assets, improves your financial stability and increases your chances of keeping your home.

And, did you know it is possible to negotiate your debt down to less than 50%––or even as low as 30%––of what you owe?

For over 20 years I’ve helped people like you navigate the daunting bankruptcy and debt relief process—or avoid bankruptcy altogether.  I provide personal, professional and effective debt relief expertise and representation to resolve even the most challenging bankruptcy and foreclosure situations.

• Don’t exhaust your savings trying to catch up on your bills!
• Don’t tap into your retirement plan or pension!
• Don’t wait until it’s too late!

But most of all, don't give up! Call me today for a bankruptcy consultation. Together we will get you through this.

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