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Trip, Slip and fall accidents can sometimes happen in a split second but the aftermath can be detrimental to your life. Whether the surface has something in its pathway to make you trip or fall or it has predicament where it causes you to slip or fall. Anyone has the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained from a negligent property owner! We are here to fight for you to receive the proper compensation from injuries sustained, it is your right.


The owners of the property are responsible for any unsafe and hazardous conditions that can happen to that property. The financial hardship with medical bills, unemployment and more can be impossible to bare. Once you fall on someone's property the owner is responsible, knowingly aware of the issue or  mindful of that the dangerous condition. It's important to report the slip, fall, trip accident as soon as possible so the investigation can be performed at the incident. Unfortunately, these types of accidents occur very frequently and can cause life threatening injuries, temporary or permanent disability and even death. Let us help you build the strongest case possible to get you or a loved one the maximum compensation deserved. These slip, trip and fall injuries can happen anywhere in a public place or private home. It can happen at a school, work, shopping mall, private residence and more. Some examples of these accidents are:


Slipping on a wet/icy/snowy surface.

Slipping over spilled liquid - Slippery or wet floor

Slipping/Tripping in a parking lot

Tripping over broken pavement or sidewalk

Falling down loose/uneven/broken stairs

Poor or broken or nonexistent lighting

Stepping and falling or tripping into a hole

Cracks or uneven marks in the floor

Uneven pavement or sidewalk
Stairs are too steep with improper railings or broken railings
Step downs or uneven height changes in the floor unmarked

Foreign object in walkway & more

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