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There is nothing routine about buying or selling a home.  The purchase and sale are as diverse as the needs of the people who are purchasing and the homes they are buying. 


It is best to be informed and avoid the unexpected, unfortunate and sometimes costly “surprises” at closing.  Rest assured that each and every real estate contract that crosses my desk is reviewed down to the last detail.  My clients will never be unpleasantly surprised at their closing.

Protecting our clients’ interests in real estate and other transactions is paramount.  We have successfully litigated and resolved various complicated real estate issues involving:

• Land use
• Planning and zoning
• Landlord/tenant disputes
• Subdivisions
• Contaminated property
• Government intrusion (e.g., eminent domain, trespass)
• Property violations
• Injury to property
• Ownership disputes
• Development of property
• Impact of development on your property

If you need legal advice in any of these areas, or are facing another real estate issue that may require legal representation, please give us a call. We will review your situation and advise you of the most appropriate plan of action.

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