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Divorce is never easy.  It is a step fraught with emotion and often times fear.


Child support, custody, visitation, caring for children with special needs, spousal maintenance, debt, property division and home ownership are just some of the many issues that may need to be resolved.  I treat each client with care and compassion, while helping to keep them focused on getting through this difficult situation.

During the initial consultation I will educate and counsel you on the process. Throughout the action we will work together to explore your options.  Our goal is to make this difficult step less overwhelming by putting the tools in place for a successful settlement. 


However, should the case proceed to a trial, I have extensive experience in matrimonial litigation, trials and appeals.  I will protect your rights and best interests, and resolve the matter to your satisfaction so that you may move on with your life.

Call me today for a divorce consultation. The more you know about your rights and obligations, the better prepared you will be to confront potential issues and make proper decisions.

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