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In Uncertain Times...We Are Here to Help

At the Law Offices of Dwight D. Joyce, we specialize in elder law to support senior citizens in New York and New Jersey. We handle a wide range of legal matters affecting an elderly person, including issues related to retirement, health care, long term care planning, Social Security, guardianship, Medicare/Medicaid, and other legal concerns. We aim to discuss these critical decisions with each client and find a solution to their specific needs.


Whether you or a loved one needs to discuss wills and estate planning, create a power of attorney, file a nursing home claim, draft a living will, or more, we take steps to take action. When things get overwhelming, and there are new changes and decisions to be made, you can trust Dwight D. Joyce, ESQ. We have your best interests in mind and work to help with the next transition in your life. We are advocates for the elder community and work to help them reach their goals. Entrust in our longstanding experience and reputation in New York and New Jersey



It is never too late to protect your assets even if you are already in a nursing home.  We can help with the transfer of assets and understanding the “five year look back” rule of Medicaid applications.

 Planning for Medicaid is a multifaceted task and creating a Medicaid Trust is one way that may allow you to remain in your home and in control of your assets while remaining eligible for Medicaid Benefits.  We can guide you as you plan for Medicaid and assist with all aspects of Medicaid planning that fulfils your needs. 


Court proceedings, collecting estate assets, paying debts and taxes, and making distributions to beneficiaries are tasks that must be performed when a loved one passes, whether or not a Will was in place. This process can be complex and time-sensitive.  We are experienced in handing these matters in Surrogate’s Court and can walk you through every step of the Probate or Administration process.  We also handle issues arising from the mishandling of a loved one’s estate, the authenticity or interpretation of a Will, and creditor claims made against a Will.


Wills can range from simple to complex.  We provide a comprehensive approach customized to your needs.  We can create estate plans that protect your assets, transfer wealth to your beneficiaries, and provide for minors or loved ones with a disability.   Our comprehensive approach includes not only estate planning, but also powers-of-attorney, health care proxies, living wills, beneficiary designations, and tax implication considerations. 


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